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At Mulberry Roots we pride ourselves in offering healthy and nutritious meals and snacks with as much variety as possible, taking into consideration childrens individual dietary requirements, allergies and cultural needs.

Menus will be rotated on a 3-weekly cycle and sample menus are available on request.

All meals are home cooked on the premises and snacks freshly prepared by our experienced Cook, or staff who have their L2 Food Hygiene training. We only use high quality meats, fish and vegetables. The control of additives and preservatives will be paramount, and our staff will pay respect to the preperation and storage of our ingredients and dishes.

A scheduled snack time will take place mid-morning and mid-afternoon, with a selection of fresh fruit and healthy snacks being provided.

All meals and snacks will be served with fresh drinking water or milk. We will encourage children to look after their teeth and so we will not provide juice or cordial.

Any allergies or dietary requirements will be recorded on your child’s registration at nursery. All staff in particular our cook and your child’s keyworker will be made aware of these.

Your child/baby’s keyworker will always be more than happy to discuss any additional or specific requirements with you and speak with our cook to accommodate them.

Our Meal times are social occasions

Meal and rolling snack times will be organised so that they are social occasions in which children and staff sit in small groups where conversation and good table manners are encouraged. We will also use meal and rolling snack times to help children to develop independence through making choices, serving food and drink, and feeding themselves.

With regards to young babies, we will follow your babies own feeding routine and when the time approaches for ‘weaning’ we will again, speak with you and follow your specific requirements.

Bottles are prepared in a designated safe area, to meet your baby’s needs.

Our Food Hygiene Rating

food hygiene rating 5

Mulberry Roots are proud to have a Food Hygiene rating of 5!!

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