Pre-School Room

Pre-school Room 3-5 years

A stimulating and engaging, fun learning environment for pre-schoolers, with a staff ratio of 1 practitioner to 8 children.

Our pre-school room caters for children aged 3 – 5 years. During their time in this room the children will continue to build on the skills they have gained in the Toddler Room but will also develop new skills through exploration and investigation to increase independence in a safe and stimulating environment. As with the Toddler Room, the Pre-school Room has the same areas of continuous provisions which are enhanced on a regular basis in accordance with the childrens interest and ability. We will be preparing your child for school in a fun and relaxed, educational environment.

Our Pre-school room is large, spacious, and fully equipped with a large variety of resources your child will need to grow, learn and develop happily and confidently.

Every day comprises of a wide variety of resources and activities which are carefully planned, providing all children with exciting opportunities to learn through play and discovery.


We ensure that children are provided with the best opportunities to learn and develop happily, and when the time comes for ‘Big School’, every child feels confident, self-assured and well-balanced, which builds a wonderful foundation for their school life ahead.

Teachers Visit 

Before your child starts school, we arrange visits for their teachers to come and visit them in nursery, this will enable their teacher to meet them in a more informal relaxed way.

We try to ensure that their transition to school is smooth and enjoyable for you and your child.

Learning through play

We focus on learning through play, and children have great fun playing with educational games, toys and using various types of exciting resources.

Children like to repeat favourite games over and over again which is an essential element of learning.

These games give children the opportunity to develop name recognition, hear letter sounds, and familiarise themselves with number digits, preparing them for starting school.

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